Sunday , December 3 2023

CM conducts Covid review with Team-09, gives necessary guidelines

  • Make general public aware to wear face masks in crowded places: CM
  • CM tells officials to be vigilant regarding new variants, conduct genome sequencing of every positive case
  • Covid situation remains in control in UP; not a single new patient in last 24 hrs
  • Yogi instructs to increase pace of precaution dose; Covid testing
  • Make ICCC active, seek cooperation of Asha, Anganwadi workers & ANMs: CM
  • Procurement of Millets on MSP is encouraging: Chief Minister
  • Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, along with the high-level Team-09 constituted for Covid-19 management, reviewed the situation in the state on Thursday and gave necessary guidelines amidst increasing Covid cases in other countries.

¶¶ Even as the increase in new covid cases is being seen in different countries since last one week, the situation remains in control in Uttar Pradesh. The Covid positivity rate of the state in the month of December has been 0.01 percent. Presently the total number of active cases is 62. In the last 24 hours, 27,208 tests were done and not a single new patient was confirmed. During the same period, 33 people got cured.

¶¶ Under the guidance of the Prime Minister, the strategy of trace, test, treatment and vaccine to prevent Covid has proved successful. It is possible that there may be an increase in new cases in the coming days, so we have to be alert. This is not the time to panic, but to be alert and careful. Covid protocol has to be strictly followed. Make people aware to wear face masks in crowded public places like hospitals, buses, railway stations, and markets. Activate the public address system.

¶¶ The changing trend of Covid should be closely monitored. Medical Education and Health Department should prepare with better coordination. The policy will be decided in consultation with the state-level Health Advisory Committee. Maintain constant communication with the Ministry of Health, Government of India.

¶¶ The new variant of Covid019 should be continuously monitored. Whatever new cases are found, their genome sequencing should be done. Daily testing should be increased. People suffering from serious, incurable diseases, and the elderly will have to take special precautions.

¶¶ We all have experienced the utility of Integrated Covid Command and Control Room in Covid Management. Home, Health and Urban Development departments should prepare to reactivate ICCC with mutual coordination.

¶¶ In accordance with the spirit of the Prime Minister’s mantra, “Jahan Bimar, Wahin Upchar”, cooperation of village heads, Asha, Anganwadi workers and ANMs should be taken. These people have played a valuable role in the fight against Covid-19 so far. They need to contribute effectively again to track sick people with Covid symptoms in their areas and provide immediate hospital/doctor services as per the need.

¶¶ In the midst of Covid, large-scale work was done for the infrastructure development of the hospitals. ICUs, ventilators, and specialist doctors were deployed in every district. Ensure the functioning of medical equipment, proper availability of doctors, and paramedical staff in all hospitals. Be it rural or urban areas, every hospital should have adequate resources.

¶¶ New posts of specialist doctors should be created by examining the updated requirements of medical institutions and the old posts must not be cut. This should be done with top priority.

¶¶ It is the priority of the state government to make good quality medicines available to the people at low cost. It should be ensured that there is no shortage of life-saving medicines in the state. There is a need to improve the functioning of the Medical Supplies Corporation. The works of the department should be reviewed at the Health Minister level.

¶¶ In relation to the target of one district-one medical college, proposals were invited for the establishment of medical colleges on PPP mode in 06 districts. For this, 42 companies/institutions have shown interest. The process of building a medical college should be taken forward as soon as possible by selecting the qualified and capable.

¶¶ The usefulness of vaccines in preventing Covid infection is evident. Uttar Pradesh is the most vaccinated state with about 39.06 crore vaccination doses given so far. As many as 4.48 crore precaution doses have also been given in the state. In view of the new variant of Covid, the pace of precaution dose should be expedited. People should be made aware of the need and utility of precaution doses.

¶¶ Work should be done with inter-departmental coordination for the systematic organization of Prayagraj Magh Mela. Kalpavasis, devotees, sages and saints should be provided with all the facilities that were available in the past.

¶¶ For the first time in the state, the progress of procurement of millet at minimum support price is encouraging. Till now 45000 MT has been procured. The availability of fertilisers should be ensured for the farmers. There should be no shortage in any district.