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We should not make this country like 3 idiots movie: Piyush Goyal

Union Minister Piyush Goyal addresses investors and entrepreneurs of the skill development sector at spl session on ‘Reinventing Skill Development Eco System in Uttar Pradesh’ at GIS’23

Goyal calls for creation of an environment where no parents force children to study engineering.

There is a huge demand for jobs in every sector, there is just shortage of essential and state-of-the-art skills: Goyal

Future of the youth of the state will be bright with investments worth lakhs of crores in UP

Lucknow, February 12. Union Minister Piyush Goyal on Sunday reiterated that Indian students should not be forced to study engineering. Referring to the movie 3 Idiots in this context during a special session on ‘Re-inventing Skill Development Eco System in Uttar Pradesh’ organized at Vashishtha Hall on the third and last day of UP Global Investors Summit 2023 at Vrindavan Yojna, Goyal said that there are limitless possibilities of employment in every sector, and the call of the hour is to develop skills. With the investment of lakhs of crores in Uttar Pradesh, jobs will be created on a large scale in the private and government sector, he said, adding that a lot of skilled manpower will be required for these. The National Education Policy (NEP) encourages this spirit of skill development, he remarked.

Describing it as a wonderful beginning for India’s entry into the Amrit Kaal, the Union Minister also informed about the investment opportunities and possibilities in Uttar Pradesh and said that the investment proposals of Rs 33 lakh crores coming to the state through UPGIS-23 is definitely a big achievement.

“This debut of Uttar Pradesh is excellent during India’s entry into Amrit Kaal. This investment is projected to brighten the future of every youth of the state. The biggest contribution in making India a developed country will be from the skill development sector. Governments around the world are realizing this. If we have to take a long leap, then we have to prepare our youth for the jobs of the future by enhancing their skills. If the youth power of the country is channelised in the right direction, there will be no dearth of opportunities. There are many opportunities, what’s needed is young workforce with the ability to work”, Goyal pointed out.

The Union Minister shared that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is determined to make Uttar Pradesh an industrial state. “In the last 6 years, work has been done to eliminate goons and mafia from UP, and the business class is being protected. A sense of security has been created in the minds of women. They are no longer afraid to work in the evening shift”, he said.

Piyush Goyal said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has provided many opportunities to the youth of the country. “No matter how much the opposition parties try to trick the youth in the name of jobs, the youth of the country are now understanding the importance of skill development. It is the result of the efforts made by the Modi government for skill development that the trust of the youth is increasing in Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Emphasizing on skilling, training and vocational training, Piyush Goyal said that the field of skill development is never ending, it is a continuous learning. Today the youth have to connect and learn new technology like AI, machine learning. The youth will also have to connect themselves with the changing world and instead of running after government jobs, they will have to become job creators with their skills. Apart from this, there must be development of skills of our weavers, workers and artisans, so that their products reach the world market with better packaging, he further pointed out.

During the special session, Minister of State for Skill Development, Uttar Pradesh, Kapil Dev Agarwal; Sushil Kumar from Tata Company, IAS Andra Vamshi, IAS Alok Kumar presented a picture of the development journey of New India’s growth engine UP to the investors. During this, the possibilities in the field of skill development in UP were displayed through a presentation. Along with this, a video message from the Prime Minister was also broadcasted.